Originally there was sand ...

Then came the magic. It was in 1987. Nicole Grégoire, Albert Cummings and Claude Bourque dream of a popular, family and free festival. At the time, they are far from suspecting that by creating a contest of sand castles in the Magdalen Islands they would give birth to this magic which, year after year, for more than twenty-five years , Emanates from each little piece of sand of the majestic beach of Bout du Banc and invades all those who are there. Their passion was contagious and it spread at dazzling speed.

On August 15, 1987, the new event attracted nearly 1,000 visitors. At the same time two years later, they are already ten times more. At the same time, the number of registrations is growing steadily. In five years, we have grown from 21 to 72 teams participating, so more than 500 builders are working on a few kilometers. The event aroused such enthusiasm, that it quickly took on disproportionate proportions, or at least unexpected.

The Sand Castles Competition is already a major tourist event in the Islands when, in 1993, Nicole, Albert and Claude gave the Société des Châteaux de sable a mandate to preserve and perpetuate their dream.

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