Builders' eco-gestures

An event such as the Concours de Châteaux de sable, regularly hosting tens of thousands of people and taking place in a such a delicate environment is inevitably prone to produce a lot of trash and sometimes even to slightly disturb the natural habitat. Therefore, in a spirit of cooperation and care towards the environment, we ask that you all respect the following eco-gestures. 

  1. Avoid circulating in the dunes :
    Dunes play a critical role in the protection of the beach against the sea, and also host a number of flora and fauna. A high circulation in those dunes can therefore disturb their ecosystem.
  2. Limit your vehicule usage :
    Favor carpooling as much as possible.
  3. Limit and sort your trash :
    Use the appropriatly identified trashbins. The team will provide you with a trash bag and a recycling bag, if needed.
  4. Contribute to the cleaning of the beach:
    Make sure that went you leave, you bring all your belongings and trash with you. Try and leave your spot in the same state it was before you arrived.
  5. Use our portable toilets :
    By using our portable toilets, we can make sure the beach stays as clean as possible.
  6. Clean up your pet’s waste :
    Same goes for our lovely pets! Make sure you clean after them.
  7. Bring a portable ashtray :
    Cigarettes’ butts are an important source of pollution on our beaches. Please be respectful with how you handle them. Our team can provide you with a small container if need be.
  8. Use eco-friendly sunscreen:
    Certain sunscreen brands can be deadly for the local flora and fauna, in the water and also in the sand.

Visitors' eco-gestures

  1. Do not circulate in the dunes :
    Respect closed off sectors.
  2. Limit and sort your trash :
    Use the appropriately identified trash bins.
  3. Don’t burry anything in the sand :
    Use our portable toilets, and handle your cigarettes’ butts responsably.
  4. Use eco-friendly sunscreen :
    Certain sunscreen brands can be deadly for the local flora and fauna, in the water and also in the sand.
  5. Clean up your spot before you leave :
    Small gesture but if we all do it, the beach will be better for it!


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