Programmation 2022

Friday august 12

Friday august 12

14H: Free sandcastle construction workshop with founder Albert Cummings.

16H: Registration and plot assignment.

17H: Sand mound building begins.

21H: Sand mound building ends.

23H: Site closes.

Friday august 12

Saturday august 13

Saturday august 13

7H: Last minute registration and plot assignment.

8H: The Magdalen Islands Sandcastle Contest begins.

9H: Pragya yoga on the beach, with Bloom Expériences.

10H15: Acroyoga on the beach, with Bloom Expériences.

11H: Salsa Danse with Yuli and Jean-François, near the circus tent.

11H: Tattoo and airbrush with Annie, near the circus tent.

11H30: Yoga for kids, on the beach, with Bloom Expériences.

12H: Face painting for children, with Mélissandre, near the circus tent.

14H: Néciphore is back to meet his friends of the Sandcastle Contest.

14H: Performance of Red Velvet, the most wanted outlaws of the Far West.

15H: Duet Pol & Joé plays musical hits in their own unique way.

16H: End of the contest and jury vote.

17H: Awards ceremony inside the circus tent.

17H30: Door prizes draw.

21H: Star Academy 2022 finalist Éloi Cummings, and his band, under the circus tent.

22H: Sand Art live performance with Josée Courtemanche.

22H20: Fireworks at the site.

22H30: Back to Éloi Cummings and his band.

00H: Site closes.

Saturday august 13

Sunday august 14

Sunday august 14

10H: Site opens.

11H15: Mass inside the circus tent.

12H: Dinner at the site.

13H: Parent-child art workshops.

13H: Bean bag baseball for 50 years and older.

15H: Live draw for corporate and individual members.

16H: Closing of the 36th Magdalen Islands Sandcastle Contest, at the site.

Sunday august 14

Bloom Expérience

Audrey Ann B. Meloche, of Bloom Expériences, is an enthusiastic massotherapist and yoga teacher whose whole practice is driven by profound values such as passion, devotion and search of well-being. Pragya yoga : breathing exercise (pranayama), series of sequences of postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation. Acroyoga : introduction to acroyoga, a playful discipline combining the benefits of yoga and acrobatics. Trust your partner and take off to make great aerial postures. Yoga for kids : introduction to yoga and meditation plus fun games with a parachute!

Red Velvet

Calling all patrols : the Red Velvet struck again! These five thirtysomething women just robbed the bank and got away in a red Mustang. We spare no effort to catch the most wanted outlaws of the Far West. Come to learn all about their adventures of dance, laughter and country music.


Néciphore was born in summer of 2003 of the ink, pen and imagination of two Madelinot friends, Hugues Poirier and Jean-François Gaudet, the former having studied drawing and architecture whilst the other specialized in copywriting and advertising. Together, they created what soon became a cult cartoon phenomenon in Magdalen Islands : The Adventures of Néciphore. Professional fisherman, Néciphore is quite a rascal but he's got two strong anchor points : his birthplace and his beloved Armande. In the daily routine of life in the islands, this old sea dog and his friends always manage to find trouble or, at least, something to chatter about. Proud of their origins (and their colourful language, full of tasty idiomatic expressions), these everyday antiheros surely know how to illustrate the main events taking place on the Islands.

Pol et Joé

Pol (Paul Boudreau) is a multi-instrumentalist whose ancestors were from here, the Isle of Amherst. Former member of the band Les Frères à cheval, Pol played, in 1986, on the Fiori-Séguin album. He also cowrote and recorded, with Serge Fiori, the song for the Just for Laughs festival on which Joé (Joé Ilhareguy), the wonderfully warm sounding singer who’s been doing backup vocals for many Quebec artists, also sang. Together, here and outside, they’ve been playing with Marc Gabriel, Karen Young, Les Frères Cormier, Clément Cormier and famous local stand-up comedian Raymond Henry, and his woman alter ego Gertrude. This dynamic duo, still very much appreciated after a 40 year career, will make you hum with them as they play your favourite hits, both in French and English.

Éloi Cummings

Éloi Cummings, young up-and-coming singer from Magdalen Islands, won the first place in the Secondaire en Spectacle contest, in 2020, interpreting Nicolas Ciccone’s L’opéra du mendiant. In 2022, at only 16 years old, he became the youngest finalist of the Star Academy contest, in Québec. This Saturday, August 16, we present you exclusively, inside the circus tent, on the magnificent site of Sandy Hook beach in Amherst, Éloi and his band, with a great show, custom made for the Magdalen Islands Sandcastle Contest.

Josée Courtemanche

Josée Courtemanche is a Quebec artist who has been practicing drawing in sand, or Sand Art, since 2014. Very few people had a chance to enjoy such a rare live performance In North America. More than an art form, it’s a captivating and poetic visual experience. Images materialize in sand, morphing in real time, mesmerizing everyone. This renewed version of the Selkie Story, or the seal-woman, is yet another performance that has been expressly created for the Magdalen Islands Sandcastle Contest.

Manon Lacelle

Manon Lacelle is a singer-songwriter, storyteller and illustrator who has been sharing, for many years, great stories woven by the power of the people she meets. Her short stories, drawings and singing never cease to push reality into the realm of imagination. Grand Manon, who loves to tell stories to children in schools and daycares, and sometimes gets on the stage to share her passion for oral tradition, has yet another story to tell, this time, by the gate of a great castle.

Marie-Josée Chiasson

Driven by all forms of creativity, Marie-Josée Chiasson, a Magdalen Islands native, is deeply in love with visual and theater arts. Not only has she played in more than 6 musicals with Les 4 Muses, a well-known local theater company, but she also built sets and props for those shows! Crafting is, of course, her favorite hobby. On Sunday, August 14, between 13:00 and 15:00, she invites children to come and craft funny “Ribambelle de Retrouvailles” hats, inside the circus tent. Children must be accompanied by an adult and a maximum of 8 children per group is allowed. Registration on the spot.

Gino Richard

With lots of interesting stories, an instructor from the shop Au Gré du Vent will guide your kids through the wonderful world of kites, helping them unleash their talents and express their creativity. Children will build their own kites, assembling, colouring, adding long tails and, weather permitting, they will fly their creations in a big take off.
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